A supermarket for thepeople by the people


A supermarket for thepeople by the people

Fed up of Tesco or Albert Heijn ruling the high street? Then why not shop at a food cooperative... or start your own even. That's exactly what UK chef and environmentalist Arthur Potts Dawson has done.

Inspired by the Park Slope food cooperative in Brooklyn, New York, 'The People's Supermarket' is a new sustainable food cooperative on Lamb's Conduit St, London that aims to provide healthy, local food at affordable prices.

Arthur tries to source directly from British producers as close to London as possible. So you'll find apples from Kent and beef from Devon. He also only stocks the goods that members want which means much less waste gets sent to landfill.

Anyone can shop at the supermarket but to become a member you have to pledge to volunteer a couple of hours a month. In return you get 10% discount on all purchases as well as a say over how things are run. You can join up here.

If you're in the UK, check out Arthur's progress on Channel 4 - where tries to convice shoppers that curly courgettes taste just as great as straight ones. We salute you!