Design inspiration from nature!


Design inspiration from nature!

For innovative design solutions we just need to take a close look at nature. Because perfect design already exist, but we forget to notice it! 

Learning from nature to design is called "Biomimicry". There is a yearly Biomimicry conference in Boston on June 20 - 23. A global conversation on how biomimicry will shape innovation and education in the years to come.

It's a shame Boston is quite far away, but it inspired me to take a different look at nature again. 

Take the beautiful Kingfisher. An inspiration for the fastest train in the world! 

The chief engineer of the West Japan Railway Company, Eiji Nakatsu, is an avid bird-watcher. He asked himself: “Is there something in nature that travels quickly and smoothly between two very different mediums?” 

Modeling the front-end of the train after the beak of kingfishers, resulted not only in a quieter train, but 15% less electricity use. Impressive!