Strawberry fashion at goodfibrations!


Strawberry fashion at goodfibrations!

Hello beach boys and beach girls, let us introduce you to Goodfibrations. We don’t have to back to 1975 to feel them, because they’re right here with a super fresh fashion web store. And you can win an outfit too! 

Goodfibrations thinks ‘fast fashion’ is kind of out of date. The world is ready for fashion that is both beautiful and made with respect for people and nature. 

Good fashion doesn’t mean that you have to wear a shirt with a tree on it. Those days are over. Take the brand Alternative Apparel, they started on the American Westcoast in 1995 and have grown into a super successful clothing line. 30% of their items are made out of organic cotton, recycled polyester and natural fibres. And of course all their employees are paid a fair wage and work in good conditions.  (That should be normal right?)

We know, you guys know you can make a difference through what you wear. So, here’s your chance to win a ‘Zip Hoodie’ from Alternative Apparel! Just tell us in which countrie(s) the items of Alternative Apparel are made. Email us your answer to hello[AT] and stand a chance to win a hoodie of your choice! 

Oeoeoeoeoeh aaaaaaahhhh, I’m pickin up Goodfibrations!