Margot holtman


Margot holtman

Yeah! We're super happy with our beautiful new 'strawberry wallpaper' made by Margot Holtman! Soon to be admired on WeTransfer

A very strawberry piece of art! Margot Holtman even bought a basket of real strawberries to 'study' whilst making the art work. How lovely (and tasty!)

Her drawing style is similar to those displayed on 18th century etches. By using highly detailed accumulations of smaller lines she tries to recreate all the structures and details from real life.

She gets her inspiration from Great Masters such as Albrecht Durer and Theodor Kittelsen. But she is equally touched by the work of Norman Pettingill, who was a true underground cartoonist.

Want to admire more work of the lovely lady herself? Check out Margot's website here