Professor Grunschnabel


Professor Grunschnabel

Ok, our favourite ice cream flavour is of course ‘strawberry’.  And especially: “Fresas del Habanero" from Professor Grunschnabel! Think fresh strawberries with Madame Jeanette peppers and Habanero chilipeppers. HOT!

Professor Grunschnabel is THE ice cream professor worldwide. He knows how to create ice cream with a WOW! factor. Forget about Straciatella! Try Brazilian lime with basil or coffee with cardamom and vanilla…

The Professor’s ice cream isn't just unique in flavours but also 100% veggie proof. So without using dairy products he makes deliciously creamy ice cream. The result: lighter for your stomach (and the planet). So you can eat twice as much!

Professor Grunschnabel prefers using local and natural ingredients too - very berry minded. His latest genious invention? Queen B and Reina Georgia ice cream with local honey from Amsterdam and Antwerp. An ode to our hardworking bees and an ice cream made with honey instead of sugar. By eating these royal honey flavoured ice creams, you’ll support urban beekeepers!

Ok. I want an ice cream. Now. Where can you find this super-delicious-Professor Grunschnabel ice cream? Check out all the latest selling points in The Netherlands right here.