Joco cup


Joco cup

Look at this cup. It makes me regret I only drink one cup of coffee a day. Hello JOCO Cups! You must be the proof helping the environment can be done without compromising taste and style. 

Coffee-to-goes are still quite fancy. Every year 2.25 billion cups are used worldwide with the price of cutting 50 million trees. Also, coffee cups usually contain Bisphenol A. That is an unfriendly chemical that can bring your health in risk. Oh no!

JOCO cups instead, are made of glass. So you can taste your coffee and not your cup. They look ridiculously stylish, last longer and don’t beat up your taste buds or Mother Nature.  

For now, these lovable cups are only for sale in Australia. But luckily for us, they have an online shop. Pick. Add. Order. Hurray!