Algae light bulb


Algae light bulb

A light bulb powered by living algae instead of electricity! A truly green design by Gyula Bodonyi.

The AlgaeBulb explores the use of organisms in a LED light bulb and using the green power of algae. When it's going to be used on a large scale this bulb has the potential to save tons of energy!

This is how it works:

The bulb sucks in carbon dioxide and water through the pump near the E27 screw-top, and as the air passes through the bulb, chlorella pyrenoidosa microalgae are given conditions necessary to produce energy. While the algae flourishes, it gives off oxygen, which in turn powers the tiny LED inside.

Sounds quite complicated right? But, hey, it works! 

When the AlgaeBulb is switched off, the bulb looks dark green; a result of the algae living within! When illuminated, the light gives a slightly green tinge on the interior. Genius!