Strawberry Earth Academy

What we label 'sustainable' now will become the new standard for doing business.
Thekla Reuten

The Strawberry Earth Academy (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is an international academy for experienced fashion and design professionals. Frontrunners of both industries team up with research institutes to create sustainable innovations that can be applied sector wide. Check out the participants and the results of 2015 here and some in 'de Volkskrant'.

We give a collective voice to pioneers changing their industries. Strawberry Earth asks its carefully selected 'Academy fellows' to identify the bottlenecks within their industry and to come up with solutions. Would you like to receive monthly Strawberry Earth Academy updates in your mailbox? Please send an e-mail to

Academy fellows 2015 - Fashion

Academy fellows 2015 - Design

Thekla Reuten - Ambassador Strawberry Earth Academy

'I always ask myself how I can contribute to a little shift to a more sustainable world. Strawberry Earth has created a solid network of entrepreneurs that prove sustainable fashion and design can look and do good. I am very proud to be an ambassador of frontrunners in both industries. What we label sustainable now, will become the new standard for doing business.'

Thekla Reuten

Academy Coaches

Academy Friends

  • ​Anne-Marie Rakhorst

    ​Anne-Marie Rakhorst

    Sustainable entrepreneur with tremendous experience. Anne-Marie, businesswoman of the year 2000, was the founder of engineering and consultancy office Search, which she sold after twenty years to SGS. Today, this author of many books on sustainability, is giving strategic advice to SGS. Also: Anne-Marie is the owner of and personal coach of Strawberry Earth founder Mette. Together they'll make the best out of Strawberry Earth and the academy.

Academy Partners

  • Ministerie van Economische Zaken

  • Stichting DOEN

  • ASN Bank

  • Leaders for Nature

  • Wageningen University

  • CREM

  • NIOO



​What are the goals of the Strawberry Earth Academy?

We have two goals. First we want to generate co-created, concrete and sustainable innovations that can be applied sector wide. Second we want to give a collective voice to companies leading the sustainable fashion and design revolution. By the end of each year, the best idea receives a Strawberry Earth Academy Grant to scale up the idea or product as part of an official pilot project and potential partnership from a large commercial brand.

​Can anyone apply for the Strawberry Earth Academy?

The participants of the Strawberry Earth Academy, Academy Fellows, are carefully selected by Strawberry Earth and partners of the Academy. They are selected on the basis of a number of requirements. Pioneers interested in participating are free to contact the Strawberry Earth Academy but don't have the warranty they become an Academy Fellow.

​When would the Strawberry Earth Academy be a success?

When we can implement our generated ideas and products. When we can truly help fashion and design businesses grow whilst having a positive impact on the planet’s ecosystems. Biodiversity and the preservation of our precious ecosystems has landed as a permanent theme within the fashion and design industry.

​Why is Thekla Reuten ambassador of the Strawberry Earth Academy?

Thekla Reuten wanted not only to contribute to a more sustainable place at work, but also at home. She gets the creative industries. Fashion, film and design can encourage people to be part of social change.

​Can I stop by at the Strawberry Earth Academy?

Since the Strawberry Earth Academy is a traveling academy, it’s hard to visit us. Our workshops, seminars and pilots will take place at various locations. From laboratories to salad bars or museum cafes. We’ll announce public events in our newsletter.

​Does it cost money to attend the Strawberry Earth Academy?

No, joining the Strawberry Earth Academy is free. Instead we carefully select our participants. Each participant has to meet our specific requirements.

​I am a potential Strawberry Earth Fellow. How can I get in touch with the Strawberry Earth Academy?

Send an e-mail to with details about your sustainable business or idea and we'll get in touch with you.

Press kit

For additional press information about the Strawberry Earth Academy or Strawberry Earth in general, images in high resolution or interview possibilities with founder Mette te Velde, please contact:

Kristel Hulsebos (Head of Communications & PR)

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